How to securely send files

How to securely send files

September 10, 2021

Professionals are always on the lookout for the most secure way to send documents online. As you might know, secure file transfer is not that easy to do. If it really were, we wouldn’t be talking about it so often. In this article, we’ll give you some insight into the risks of online file sharing. In the end, you’ll know all about secure file sharing.

Top 3 risks of online file sharing

It is no secret that online file sharing can expose you to security threats. Threats such as hacking, loss or exposure of sensitive information, and malware infection. These are the top three risks you expose yourself to when you send documents online.

  1. You lose control over your sensitive data with the possibility of a data leakWhen using most file sharing services you don’t have the essential control over your own data. If employees aren’t careful or proper policies are not in place, there’s a big risk of exposing sensitive data. From the moment a hacker gains access to your file sharing service, it’s very hard to know for sure what they have access to and how big the leak is.
  2. Your devices are open to malicious softwareThe systems that let you share files with, basically, everyone everywhere are called P2P networks. These networks are able to send files to thousands of computers across the world. Of course, this makes them more prone to hackers who put malware in files. If you continue to download these infected files, the malware quickly spreads throughout the device and the connected networks. This means the entire network can be attacked just by downloading one wrong file. It’s best to avoid the danger and only use secure file sharing services.
  3. Your company is more susceptible to attacksIt’s always a great idea to tighten the security on your computer and network, no matter what kind of file sharing service you decide to use. You don't want to unintentionally leak data, so make sure your defenses are up to date! You might be making yourself vulnerable to attackers if the file sharing service needs you to bypass firewalls in order to upload or download files. Be aware of this danger.
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What is file sharing security?

File sharing has obviously grown in demand and frequency as people started working remotely more and a lot of companies move to the cloud. Secure file transfer is the practice of transferring files privately or securely. It allows files to be shared between different users or organizations within a secure environment that is protected from intruders and unauthorized users. Sending documents securely online is normally done by encrypting the file while at rest or in-flight to its destination. By restricting access to the file, only recognized personnel can gain access, view or download the file.

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The best way to send files securely

As discussed above, sending files securely is not an easy job to do. Transferring data is effortless, but doing so securely is something else entirely. Not all media for sending files are safe and can guarantee the protection of your data from thieves, intruders or spies. Contrary to popular belief, even cloud sharing could be a risk. These types of services are beneficial to lots of companies. This is because they provide accessible, cost-effective and user-friendly access to information anytime and anywhere. Nonetheless, if any of your employees use their personal accounts for these business services, they could be putting your company at a huge risk of a security breach. Email is still the most used way companies share information. Of course, there are a lot of limitations within these email systems, such as file size. This is the least of your concerns if you send files using email. Safety is a bigger issue here. Of course, data security is fundamental for any business. When choosing a file sharing tool it is detrimental to keep security in mind. Choose one that offers business-grade security and is simple to access remotely.So what’s the best way to send documents securely online? You should try to find the right file-sharing solution that is made especially for companies. End-to-end encryption is another thing to look for in a file sharing service. This ensures the host, and external hackers, can’t reach your data. The next tip we can give you is always double check the permission settings. If the public sharing option is on, anyone with the right link could access your files.Last, but not least, you should routinely run audits on your files to check who is accessing them. Also, remove files you no longer need.

Jimber Dig


ital Vault

With the Jimber Digital Vault, all of these things are taken care of. All files are encrypted and login is passwordless. Even if a hacker has access to the system, it is impossible to do anything with the data. On top of that, the Digital Vault can even be deployed on-premise to give the company full control over physical and digital access to the server. Furthermore, the Digital Vault is scalable, affordable and easy to use.Read more about the risks of file sharing:

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