Security in a growing company

Security in a growing company

May 9, 2021

Cybersecurity is a very important pillar of your organization. It goes without saying that this also applies to Jimber. Security has many facets. A breach in any of these can have a major impact on the operations of your business.

jimber small business

Jimber started as a small company. We used to use passwords to access our servers and accounts. Since we considered the risk rather low in our small team, we confidently shared passwords with each other.Our company grew and we started using Google accounts, each team member with their own login. In addition, we started using DigitalOcean for our servers, because it focuses on convenience and security. To quickly create good, strong passwords and keep track of them, the Jimber team switched to LastPass. That gave us the great advantage of being able to change passwords quickly.

Why we started developing our isolation solutions

As a company we wanted to focus on developing our own security services. Moreover, we needed to hire more people. Consequently, this implied that we had to make security tighter. The lockdown that had to prevent the spread of the coronavirus was the perfect moment to start using our own products and to further improve them. One of these products was a secure video chat application that allows us to hold confidential online meetings. We also created an additional product to automate access to our servers, as well as a wiki to bundle all knowledge within the company and to make it available for all employees.In the future, Jimber will use Web Application Isolation to completely isolate this wiki from the internet. Furthermore, we are developing Jimber Vault, a service allowing you to store documents securely, while being able to consult them via a password-free system that validates your identity and guarantees that these documents will never end up in the wrong hands.Thanks to our own Jimber journey, we have gained a deep insight into the security needs of companies of all sizes. Still, we continue to look for newer, stronger, and most importantly, safer ways to ensure the security of every company.Learn more about our browser isolation, and web application isolation.Read more about cybersecurity for small businesses:

Find out how we can protect your business

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