“We ensure secure internet access”

“We ensure secure internet access”

June 14, 2022

On June 15th 2022, Jimber was featured in Belgian magazine Knack's 'Fokus IT'. You can find the English translation of the original Dutch article below.

knack article secure access to the internet jimber

Reports of cybercrime are increasing every year. In 2021, about 12% of Flemish companies were faced with a cyberattack. Data loss is not the only result of a cyberattack. It can also result in major financial costs. The cost of these business data leaks has never been so high. In 2021, a data leak cost businesses 3,5 million euros on average. In addition, your company's activities could be shut down and your reputation could suffer serious damage. Protecting yourself against this with the right solutions is a must.Kristof Van Stappen - CEO and Jonas Delrue - CTO started Jimber back in 2018. Jimber's goal is to fight cybercrime by providing solutions in an innovative way. This is how they want to secure businesses and re-provide them with secure internet access.“Jimber is the game-changer in the world of cybersecurity.”"We want to revolutionize cybersecurity. We do this by eliminating threats like ransomware and viruses. Our cybersecurity solutions are easy to use and accessible to everyone. We attach great importance to informing businesses of all potential danger. In addition, we want to ensure that every company has secure access to the Internet." Kristof says.“The digital landscape continues to evolve. Hackers keep discovering better ways to attack your system, faster than ever. Our top priority as an innovative cybersecurity company is to stay ahead of the latest cybersecurity developments and trends.""The current solutions like firewalls and anti-viruses no longer offer fully guaranteed protection. New viruses and outdated software are a huge risk. Our solutions filter all dangers! Most data breaches enter the system through the browser. This is what our products cater to." Jonas clarifies.Today we offer 3 solutions to provide secure internet access.

  • Browser Isolation is our smart solution to browse securely and hassle-free. No ransomware or viruses. Browsing has never been so secure.
  • Web Application Isolation protects your web application against every vulnerability. Jimber Web Application Isolation takes the security of your corporate apps to the next level.
  • Digital Vault is a highly secure online work environment to manage your sensitive documents and passwords. No risk of stolen documents or passwords.

"Our solutions offer total protection for users or systems, while allowing the end-user to continue working in a perfectly normal way.""We are currently in the scale-up phase with different national and international clients from the banking, insurance, retail and industrial sectors. Over the next few years, we want to become a global player with our solutions." Kristof concludes.Want to learn more? Visit the website at jimber.io. Or reach out to us at info@jimber.io.

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