We are Jimber

We use a combination of Zero Trust and Isolation Technology to protect companies from the most common cyberthreats.

Why we do what we do

Jimber started as a consultancy and custom software development agency. We also did plenty of security audits, and the results were concerning - no one could stop us from hacking their network.

Bringing together everything we learned from these experiences, we started developing new products that could solve urgent problems for a bigger number of companies with remote employees, multiple locations or unsecured operational technology.

Most recently, we’ve narrowed our focus to building cybersecurity solutions that cover the most common threats - without the need for expensive hardware or years of expertise. Based on our knowledge, we designed a security solution even our best hackers can’t breach (we even pay someone full-time to try it.)

We needed to make sure our sensitive data is always protected from security threats like hacking, malware and phishing. With Jimber, I can finally feel confident of our security!

Kasper Vancoppenolle
Winwinner, Alternative Finance Platform

Our mission: Protecting companies of all sizes with user-friendly, innovative and affordable cybersecurity solutions

Innovative security software built by ethical hackers

Traditional cybersecurity tools aren’t adapted to modern challenges. As ethical hackers, we know how easy it is to breach these systems and how hard it is to scale and upgrade them. That’s why we constantly look for innovative approaches to cybersecurity software and constantly challenge our own technology and applications.

The current work environment calls for an entirely different approach to protect your company’s sensitive data, network devices and industry equipment.

That’s why we’ve developed Network Isolation and two additional solutions based on Zero Trust Network Access and Isolation Technology.

The Zero Trust model protects networks by verifying everyone and micro segmenting the network. Only authenticated users can access files they’re authorised to see.

On top of that, we’ve added an extra security layer by means of Isolation Technology. When someone with access to your network opens a document, app or website, they’ll never receive code that could be compromised. That is because the code is put in a virtual container which sends out a visual representation of the information instead.

You can still interact with the document, app or website normally but hackers can’t use it to introduce malicious content to your network.

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Zero Trust & Isolation Technology shouldn’t cost you an arm and a leg

Legacy solutions, such as VPN and firewalls are unaffordable for smaller companies and take a big chunk out of bigger companies’ budgets. Compared to those legacy solutions, our innovative technology is much more accessible for businesses of all sizes. Not just because our solutions are easier to install, configure and maintain, but also because they’re much more affordable and user-friendly.

Who do we help?

Initially, we noticed that many smaller companies weren’t protecting themselves against cybersecurity risks. The problem was often the cost and complexity of legacy solutions. So we set out to find an affordable way to protect SME’s.

Now that we’ve successfully secured many national and international clients from the banking, insurance, retail and industry sectors, we’re ready to expand.

After securing a strong position in Belgium, we’re taking on companies with over 2000 employees in the rest of Europe, the Middle East and Africa. We’re also looking for integrators to help us spread our solutions.

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Jimber: a brief history of our company

In 2018, cybersecurity experts Kristof Van Stappen and Jonas Delrue had enough of seeing so many ill-protected companies. They joined forces to find a solution.

During the first three years, they focused on developing an innovative cybersecurity solution called Isolation Technology. This research and development phase was funded by a mix of consultancy jobs and security audits.

Later, innovation grants via VLAIO and funding via FINMIX allowed Jimber to launch three products and grow the team. These solutions based on Isolation Technology are browser isolation, web app isolation and a digital vault.

Most recently, Jimber developed an even more powerful tool: Network Isolation. Thanks to this innovation companies can work fully remotely without security worries.

Meet our team

Our small team of two has quickly grown into an innovative group of people with extraordinary skills and exciting talents.

We now have an enthusiastic team of 22 (and counting) friends and colleagues.

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