Provide secure access to your corporate applications without sacrificing performance

Web Application Isolation helps you protect your web applications from malicious threats and prevent data breaches. With Web App Isolation in place, companies can safely deliver applications to users without worrying about the security risks.

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Prevent hackers from targeting corporate web & cloud apps
Minimise the attack surface by separating web apps
APIs are protected from potential breaches

For state-of-art cybersecurity solutions, we rely on Jimber. The way they serviced us in developing a risk-free environment for our sensitive data, is of extremely high standards.

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The rise of web applications increases the number of cybersecurity risks

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Web-based threats like SQL injections, cross-site scripting (XSS) and cross-site request forgery (CSRF) are increasingly difficult to detect.
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Poorly designed or implemented APIs are an easy target for hackers.
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Secure coding best practices remains difficult, with constantly evolving threats

Both your users and applications are vulnerable to cyberattacks - fix it with an extra layer of protection

Without Web Application Isolation
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Applications are vulnerable to common web-based threats
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Devices and applications with sensitive data can be breached through APIs
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Hackers can easily figure out vulnerabilities in applications
With Web Application Isolation
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Any device can securely connect to corporate applications
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Sensitive data within apps can’t be accessed by hackers
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Applications and APIs are completely isolated from infected devices

Protect both users and applications from data breaches

Most sensitive data of an organisation is stored in web apps. Users often use their personal devices which IT cannot control. Hence, this creates risks. 

Jimber Web App Isolation provides a secure end-to-end connection between (unmanaged) devices and corporate apps. We enable secure access to corporate apps without compromising security.

Web Application Isolation combines Zero Trust and Browser Isolation technologies

Web Application Isolation is an extension to our Zero Trust Network Isolation. To protect your data and your network, we add an extra layer of security to each browsing session. We call it a container. It’s the same technology behind Browser Isolation, protecting both the user and the application.

When you retrieve information from a corporate app, the code is sent to our container.

You won’t interact with the actual code but with images of the application that are sent from the container. In practice, users won’t notice a thing, but hackers won’t be able to mess with the code or API and breach the sensitive data from both the user and the application.

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owasp top10 list
Jimber Web App Isolation guarantees you protection from the OWASP Top 10 Web Application Security Risks

The OWASP (Open Web Application Security Project) Top 10 is a list of the most critical web application security risks that developers should be aware of. But maintaining a culture of security best practices remains a challenge. Organisations need to invest time, energy and resources in countless training programs, certifications, tools, policies…

Fortunately, with Web Application Isolation, your cloud and web apps are protected from the 10 most frequent threats.

Technical details about Web Application Isolation 

Full access control

Easily define access and permissions within the isolated environment so only the right people can access sensitive data.

Zero Trust principle

Only authorised users can access the safe environment after verification. 

High compatibility 

Jimber’s Web Application Isolation can be used with a wide range of existing third-party and internal applications.

Centrally managed

As application Isolation is primarily a cloud-native solution, the security measures of multiple location businesses can easily be managed from one location.

Cloud or On-Premise

Web Application Isolation can be implemented for both locally hosted and cloud applications.

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