Network Isolation protects your company against harmful data breaches

with great usability and speed

Limit access to authenticated users and authorised resources with Jimber’s Zero Trust Network Access.  Stop worrying about hackers stealing sensitive information, and maintain your reputation.

ztna network isolation
Reduce overall security costs by 58%
Easily manage granular access to resources
No complex, expensive & time-consuming setups

For state-of-art cybersecurity solutions, we rely on Jimber. The way they serviced us in developing a risk-free environment for our sensitive data, is of extremely high standards.

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Protecting your network from hackers has never been this challenging

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Cyber threats are constantly evolving
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Ensuring safe remote access is essential but complex
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Network devices like printers are easy entry points for hackers
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Strong security measures frustrate employees and reduce productivity
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VPNs and Firewalls are expensive and tedious to install

How sure are you that your data is safe from hackers?

If a hacker is able to bypass traditional VPNs or firewalls, they will have full network access and thus free reign over your company's sensitive data.

Firewalls are hard to set up and are often misconfigured
Every location needs one
Extremely time-consuming to set up
They cost thousands per location
Annoying downtimes during installation
Traditional VPNs are slow and unreliable
Regular network issues
No granular access controls
Risk of misconfiguration
Needs expensive firewalls on top
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66% of SMEs have been threatened by a cyberattack in the past 12 months — Are you protected?

The average cost of a data leak in 2022 is $ 2.98 million (IBM). And that doesn’t include any reputational consequences, downtimes and reduced productivity.  Is that something your business can handle? If you’re not properly protecting your network, it’s coming sooner rather than later.

Zero Trust Network Access: technology for real secure access to resources

Zero Trust Network Access (ZTNA) is an IT security technology that keeps your company’s network and data safe from hackers and other cyberthreats.

ZTNA takes a "never trust, always verify" approach to network access. It provides secure remote access to corporate applications, data, and services by always enforcing strict identity verification and access controls.

Only authorised users with verified devices can access specific resources on the network. This means that even if a hacker should gain unauthorised access to the network, they will not be able to access sensitive information.

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zero trust network access ztna

Protect your company from the most common security threats

Man-in-the-middle attacks
SQL injections
Data exfiltration

Jimber Zero Trust Network Isolation is specifically made for SMEs that need to protect their data from potential breaches

Remote work security

Grant your hybrid workforce and overseas contractors secure network access.

Remote work at lightning speed
Secure access to any device or app from anywhere
Save hours of work whitelisting IPs
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Multiple location security

Manage all your networks from one platform without compromising security.

All-in-one solution for secure access
No on-premise installation needed
Data protection through micro-segmentation
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Zero Trust security

Protect your data and see who’s getting in thanks to Zero Trust Network Access (ZTNA).

Verify all network access, always
Protect against internal leaks
Limited impact in case of breaches
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Industrial OT security

Protect your valuable equipment and machines thanks to Zero Trust and granular access.

No complex firewalls or VPNs needed
Optimised for remote and hybrid teams
Full control and visibility over access rights
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Jimber Zero Trust Network Isolation is specifically made for SMEs that need to protect their data from potential breaches

Firewall alternative

Protect your network against cyber threats with network isolation

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No expensive hardware
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One central platform
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Easy to install
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VPN alternative

Allow safe browsing from any location with browser isolation

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No complex setup process
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Always reliable and fast
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Granular access control
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Technical details about Zero Trust Network Isolation

Regular security checks

Network isolation regularly checks the health of devices connected to your applications.

Granular access rule

Set users and roles to limit access to sensitive data, reduce attack surface and stay on top of internal leaks.

Network Segmentation

“Create teams and private gateways each with a dedicated IP, enabling admins to segment their local networks and restrict certain data to those who really need it.”

Location independent

Add a layer of security to on-premise and remote devices that doesn’t slow down your connection.

Network Isolation Portal

Fine-tune your network for easier management and more control about who’s accessing specific gateways and resources.

Cloud-native security

Jimber’s cloud-native architecture makes the security solution fast, easily scalable, and straight-forward to use.

AD Integration & SSO

Jimbers network isolation software works seamlessly with Google Workspace or Microsoft Azure.

Network Isolation Access Controller (NIAC)

The NIAC connects all your devices, such as printers and scanners, and restricts all access by default to protect your network.

Traffic Encryption

All connections are safe, encrypted and transparent so users always have secure access to company resources.

DNS Filtering

Block access to specific and unsafe websites like malware, gambling and porn.

Cloud or On-Premise

Network isolation can be implemented on-premise as well as in cloud-native environments.

Available for:

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How we implement Zero Trust Network Isolation to keep you safe

Identifying and mapping network sources

A network audit shows what network resources are available, how they are being used and which information needs to be protected.

Defining security policies

User roles and access levels are defined so users and devices are only granted access to the specific resources they need to do their jobs

Implementing micro-segmentation

The network is broken down into smaller segments to implement granular security control and reduce the attack surface.

Deploying access controls

Our zero trust network isolation model makes sure the defined security policies are respected and access is restricted to authorised users.

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Network isolation makes your life better, and a hacker’s worse.

When hackers face traditional cybersecurity solutions
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Portscan the network to find vulnerable hosts, outdated software and unencrypted traffic.
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Gather and brute force packets.
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Login to the host and look around for more vulnerabilities.
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Hack the entire network in under two months.
When hackers face Jimber’s Network Isolation
Portscan the network without results.
Find packets that are all encrypted with private keys.
Look out for an easier target.
you're safe!

Is Zero Trust Network Isolation a good fit for your network size?

Find out how we can protect your business

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