NIS2 event

NIS2 event

Join us as we reflect on our memorable experience at Copaco's NIS2 event, discussing the impact of the NIS2 Directive on cybersecurity, Jimber's role in network isolation, and the vibrant community interactions. Dive into our insights and stories from this pivotal gathering

October 30, 2023

A Day to Remember: Our Experience at Copaco's NIS2 Event

What a day it was! Joining the recent NIS2 event by Copaco at the lovely Salons van Edel, we at Jimber felt right at home among other cybersecurity enthusiasts. It's not every day you get to mingle, share, and learn in such a grand setting!

NIS2: More Than Just Buzzwords

The main dish on the day's menu was the NIS2 Directive – a big deal in our world of cybersecurity. This directive is all about keeping our digital spaces safe and sound, which, frankly, is what gets us out of bed every morning at Jimber. With new rules coming into play from January 2023, it’s crucial for folks like us to stay ahead of the curve.

Jimber's Take on Network Isolation

Here's where we got to shine a bit. Discussing our work in Network Isolation, we dove into how it ties into the NIS2 needs. We're talking about building digital fortresses around the most sensitive parts of a network – think of it as the cybersecurity equivalent of guarding your secret chocolate stash from your siblings!

The People Make the Event

It wasn't all tech-talk, though. The event had this vibrant buzz, with everyone from legal eagles to tech wizards sharing insights. And hey, let's not forget the fun bits – like Hans from Autosoft B2B winning that cool personalized Xbox Series X! It’s these moments that remind us that behind all the tech and terms, it's passionate people driving this industry.

Jimber’s Journey Forward

Being part of the NIS2 event with Copaco wasn't just an outing for us. It was a reaffirmation of our commitment to smart, strong cybersecurity. Collaborating, learning, and sometimes just having a good laugh – it's all part of how we at Jimber keep pushing forward, making the digital world a safer place, one step at a time.

Looking back at the event, it's clear: we're in this together – and that's a pretty cool place to be.

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